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ROSY – Respite nursing for Oxfordshire’s Sick Youngsters


ROSY – Respite nursing for Oxfordshire’s Sick Youngsters

ROSY – Respite nursing for Oxfordshire’s Sick Youngsters, is an organisation that raises awareness of the need for respite nursing and funds to boost the extremely limited resources of Oxfordshire’s Children’s Respite Nursing Team. The team offers respite nursing to terminally, acutely, or chronically ill children and babies in their homes.

JODF has been supporting some of the equipment needs that ROSY has for the past few years. Secretary, George Hedges, describes how we have helped:

ROSY_logo_bigROSY is a small Oxfordshire Charity supporting families who nurse terminally ill or chronically sick children in the home. Some time ago we were contacted by the Jack O’Donnell Foundation, offering to help us in our work if they could. The formation of the Foundation is a moving story and I hope all will make themselves aware of Jack and the Foundation. The offer of help has been a great inspiration to us and I wanted to tell of just two stories that display the generosity of the Foundation.

Alfie and Samual, twins, are both fed through gastric pegs. One of them is a keen swimmer but would not take his clothes off because of the pegs. The Foundation purchased for him a dry suit and his parents now have difficulty getting him out of the water! We will update the suit as and when necessary.

Chloe, who is a chronically sick young girl, could only go to a special school in Winey if she had a specialist wheelchair that she could use while there. The Foundation funded the purchase of the chair and Chloe goes to school. Not only can Chloe be with other children but her parents get some much-needed respite.

Since Chloe received her chair, we have two other children who could also go to school in Abingdon if they had similar chairs. Although the cost of these chairs has risen enormously, they are now £1,200 each; the Foundation has committed itself to buy two chairs. The first has been delivered and the second is on its way.

It is difficult to put into words the enormous benefit our families have gained through the work of the Foundation. Please continue to support them in their work, they are amazing people.


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